Contact Number

Contact Number
Staff Name Designation Direct Telephone Number Intercom Number
Shri. S .Krishnan P.A to Director 2296002 6602
Dr. Ashok Badhe,Professor (Senior Scale) of Anesthesiology Medical Superintendent 2296501 6501
Shri. Velmurugan G P. S to Medical Superintendent 2296502 6502
Dr. R. P. Swaminathan Dean Academic 8283
Dr. R Raveendran Dean Research & HOD PHARMACOLOGY 2296230 6352
Mrs.Bhavya.B PA to Dean(Academic) 2298283 8283
Shri. C. Singaravelane PS to Dean(Academic) 2298283 8283
Shri. R. Vasudevan P.A to Dean (Research) 2296101 6101
Shri. M. Shanmugam Office Superintendent Dean (Research) 2296106 6106
Dr. V.S. Senthil Kumar, IFS Deputy Director (Admin) 2296010 6010