SGE in News

SGE in News
1Stress laid on awareness of Hepatitis BDetails
2Organ Donation At Department Of Surgical Gastroenterology, JIPMER, PuducherryDetails
3TACE therapy to treat liver cancerDetails
4Complex surgery on cancer patientDetails
5Anatomic left lateral liver sectionectomyDetails
6Students’ surgical skillsDetails
7New Simulation CentreDetails
8New Simulation CentreDetails
9Ostomy care servicesDetails
10World ostomy day JipmerDetails
11Ostomy Care Services Introduced In JIPMERDetails
12JIPMER open ostomy clinic on Nov 16Details
13New clinic launch by Jipmer todayDetails
14New ostomy clinic opening on November16Details
15Monothematic workshop on brain death at Jipmer,Details
16Jipmer to start deceased donor organ retrievalDetails
17JIPMER to start deceased donor organ retrieval this yearDetails
18JIPMER to start deceased donor organ retrieval this yearDetails
19Workshop on brain deathDetails