In-Patient Services

In-patient services are provided for acutely ill and disturbed patients, and those with complex problems.

There is a total bed strength of 30 beds in the general, of which 6 are specifically allotted to patients with drug and alcohol dependence, and including 2 beds for child psychiatry under the Department of Pediatrics, and an option for special ward admissions.

Admissions are made only after evaluation by a trained psychiatrist, and duration of admission varies according to the nature of the patient's problems and symptoms. The ward is an open one and one bystander is required to be with the patient at all times to ensure safety.

Out-Patient Services

All out-patient services, except the Child Psychiatry clinics, are conducted in OPD Number 65, in the ground floor of the OPD Block, JIPMER.
Out-patient services run on all working days (Monday to Saturday) from 8.30 a.m onwards, and include screening, detailed evaluation, follow-up and referral services.

Follow-up clinics are segregated according to diagnosis, with separate days for patients with mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and neuropsychiatric disorders. Separate out-patient clinics for children are run in the Department of Pediatrics, and in collaboration with them.

JIPMER is a Regional Centre for De-Addiction in South India. A once-weekly de-addiction clinic caters to the needs of patients with alcoholism and drug addiction, and includes a Tobacco Cessation Clinic, as well as group therapy for alcoholics and their families.

Suicide is a major public health problem in Puducherry. To address this, the Department runs a Crisis Intervention Clinic every Thursday, which includes diagnostic, counseling and referral services.

Child Psychiatry clinics are conducted twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m onwards, in the first floor of the Women and Children's Hospital, JIPMER. This service is provided in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics.

The following is the full list of special clinics run by the Department of Psychiatry:

Day of the week Special Clinic
Monday Marital and Psychosexual Clinic
Tuesday Affective Disorders Clinic
Wednesday Memory ClinicChild Psychiatry Forum
Thursday Crisis Intervention Clinic / Child Guidance Clinic / Psychosomatic Clinic
Friday Psychotic Disorders Clinic
Saturday Neuropsychiatry ClinicDe-Addiction Clinic (including Tobacco Cessation Clinic)