Academic Programs

Courses conducted:

  1. I M.B.B.S Physiology
    • M.D
    • PhD
    • MSc Physiology
  2. Department of physiology part of the academic programme conducted by the institute/ other departments
    1. MSc.Medical biochemistry
    2. BSc Nursing
    3. B.Sc. Allied medical courses
      1. B.Sc. (MLT)
      2. B.Sc. (Operation Theatre Technology)
      3. B.Sc. (Perfusion Technology)
      4. B.Sc. (Dialysis Technology)
      5. B.Sc. (Nuclear Medicine Technology)
      6. B.Sc. (Neuro- technology)
      7. B.Sc. (Cardiac Laboratory Technology)
      8. B.Sc. (Radio-therapy technology)
    4. M.R.T/M.R.O
    5. EMTC
    6. Advanced center for yoga

The advanced center for yoga (previously known as ACYTER) is under the administrative control of Dr. G. K. Pal Professor and Head of Physiology. Acyter promotes yoga training to students and staff of Jipmer and to the hospital patients.