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1 Dr. Parkash Chand Professor & HOD prakashchand[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8467
2 Dr. Aravindhan K. Additional professor aravindhan[dot]k[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8461
3 Dr. Sivakumar M Additional Professor sivakumar[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8489
4 Dr. Suma H.Y Associate Professor suma[dot]hy[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8472
5 Dr. Sarasu  J Associate Professor sarasu[dot]j[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8477
6 Dr. Gladwin V Assistant Professor gladwin[dot]v[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8473
7 Dr. Suman Verma Assistant Professor suman[dot]v[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8484
8 Dr. Rajasekhar. S.S.S.N Assistant Professor rajasekhar[dot]s[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8471
9 Dr. Sulochana Sakthivel Assistant Professor sulochana[dot]s[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8484
10 Dr. Raveendranath V Assistant Professor dr_raveendra[at]rediffmail[dot]com 8471
11 Dr. Yogesh Ashok Sonatakke Assistant Professor dryogeshas[at]rediffmail[dot]com 8471
12 Dr. Dharmaraj Wamanrao Tamgire Assistant Professor dharmaraj[dot]w[at]jipmer[dot]edu[dot]in 8471

Dr. Jayavelu Memorial Award for the best PG paper presentation

The Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamilnadu held on 5th and 6th Oct. 2013 at SRM Medical College and Research Centre for paper entitled.

Dr. Vidya - Evaluation Of DNA more